Technologies: WordPress

Project description

The BMW Guggenheim Lab (BGL) was co-sponsored by the Guggenheim Museum of New York City and BMW Motors. It was nominated for a Webby Award in 2012. The Lab served as a vehicle to facilitate exploring urban themes in different cities around the globe.

  • Joomla was used as the primary CMS. WordPress was used for the Lab’s Blog.
  • The main site was comprised of numerous custom components, modules, plugins and templates. I was responsible for maintaining and extending these as needed.
  • The calendar, in particular was heavily customized to add specific features for each city.
  • I collaborated with Tom van de Velde on behalf of BGL on the redevelopment of 100 Urban Trends. You can read Wired’s review here.
  • Tom and I also worked on the Public/Private survey. FastCompany gave us a nice write-up. My role included making use of a curated version of the population and location data provided through the GeoNames project.
    In both these cases, Tom was working on behalf of Collective Assembly.
  • I completely rewrote the Urbanology game. The version that was delivered did not capture information properly. It was honored with a MUSE Award.

Date of completion: 2013.08.06


Short description: Responsible for maintaining and extending numerous components, modules, plugins and themes which formed an integral part of this award winning site.