Technologies: Drupal

All9s was a startup developing a product suite of revolutionary tools that were meant seamlessly migrate and replicate cloud environments within and across multiple cloud providers.

My work involved producing the UI that clients used to manage their service(s).

  • The interface was deployed as an overlay on top of the website.
  • All data stored remotely for centralization, so Drupal wasn’t really used much.
  • We had to integrate Drupal with AWS and Java backend.
  • JSON was used to keep Drupal and the backend in sync.
  • We were careful with the client facing Javascript to ensure it did not pose a security danger.
  • Loved it!
  • Bit of ongoing Maintenance.
  • Fast paced, evolving requirements.

Date of completion: 2014.01.31

Short description: Developed the initial UI used to “onboard” clients and allow them to manage their services.

Date of completion: in progress


Short description: Full Stack Development