Technologies: AWD

As Principal Developer, helped design and fully coded the web app.

Project goal
Design a mobile web app to allow folks to link to and share their social media. Also provide a single place to consume social media feeds.

I built the app as a Progressive Web App. As such it works on mobile devices as well as laptops and desktops. On mobile devices it can appear just as any other app.

I designed the interface with other stakeholders. I refined it many times to reduce its complexity.The result is that folks around the world have instantly ‘grokked’ it.

The interface includes a separate ‘feed page’ where multiple Twitter and Instagram feeds are provided and update live.

The images below depict a few screens as seen on a phone vs a laptop…

Date of completion: in beta


Short description: Full Stack Development

Date of completion: 2013.08.06


Short description: Responsible for maintaining and extending numerous components, modules, plugins and themes which formed an integral part of this award winning site.